Ketone Ester from KetoneAid - The Perfect Human Fuel. (2018)

The Perfect Human Fuel

Ketone Ester

D-beta-hydroxybutyrate and R 1,3-butanediol


We hit $150,000, 5x our target on Indiegogo and shipped!

(Press, bloggers, pro athletes. Ask for a sample.)

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Steve Zarpas


Frank LLosa


Washington DC Area

Unpaid Interviews with Professional Athletes & Trainers

Greg Henderson- 6x Tour de France

Epic tail of secret drink used in Tour De France
"Not marginal gains, big gains"

Full 14 minute video here

Austin Einhorn- Pro Trainer

Hits 10% PR on Strava tracked bike climb.

Christine Vardaros- Pro Cyclocross

"Nothing I ever experienced in my 20 years"

Full 27 min Interview

Jeremy Martin- Motocross Champion

"So much energy" "I won the whole shot"

Adam Cianciarulo- Pro Motorcross

"Ginormous Advantage"

Adam Cianciarulo- 2nd Interview

Wins East/West National Event With KE4!

Daniel Holloway- Crit National Champ

With KE4 wins Tulsa Tough day 2*, 10% Lower BPM

*Daniel went on to win the National Championship, also using our ketone ester.

Dustin Armstrong- Pro Cyclist

"Huge Game Changer"

Geoff Schwartz- Former NFL NY Giants

"I Loved It"

Duke Manyweather

NFL Scouting & Development Consultant

David Nurse- NBA Shooting Coach

"I felt like Superman"

* 2nd interview with David Nurse, host of The Game of Life

Jan Heylen- Racecar driver

Non Professional Athletic Results

Johnny Action-

15min faster in a Half Marathon

12 Minute Interview here.

Eric Fremd- Weight lifter

Went from 370lb x 5 reps to a PR of 400lbs.

Bill Simeone- Golfer

"I got my putting game back"

Special Agent FBI

12% faster 10 mile time over baseline.

William, Military- Lifter

+10% weight on deadlifts, +20% reps on bench

Tim- DC Cop, Lifter

Same reps, same weight, 75% less recovery time.

Jason Moore CEO Elite HRV

Ketone Esters for recovery


Mental Performance Results

Bob Troia- Biohacker

30% increase in brain performance

Travis Christofferson- Author

"Mental energy is off the charts"

Dr. Salcido

Insane creativity

Third Party Reviews

Robert Sikes Pro Body Builder

"Multiple PRs" @KetoSavage

Keto Connect

"I'm convinced that this is the next frontier"

Full Ketone Ester Blog Review

Keto In the City


Next day review

Enchanted Cook

Thanksgiving Day Test!

Full Ketone Ester Blog Review

Ben Greenfield

"resulting in one of the fastest races of my life" (cite)

(more on the N of 1)

Christopher Kelly

Instant Ketosis: 0.4 to 6.2mM in 30 Minutes

Taste Test!

No longer tastes like Rocket Fuel!

More on Taste here

Negative Reviews

Frank LLosa- CEO KetoneAid

Updated examples of Ketone Ester not working

Robby Rowland- Baseball Pitcher

Did not increase velocity as he hoped.
(note: It doesn't do that)

3rd Party Blog Posts

Mission Statement

KetoneAid, Inc. was created to leverage the incredible power of Ketones - The athlete’s perfect fuel. Our parallel path philosophy targets not only the elite professional athlete but the weekend warrior as well. All athletes shall soon be able to safely and cost-effectively enjoy enough ketones necessary to experience for themselves the true power and record breaking potential of ketones.


Our company was founded by Mr. Frank Llosa, a brilliant serial entrepreneur who has an incredible track record of success in a number of fields from real estate, to highly technical photography for National Geographic, to one of the first cloud-based storage systems available to the public. Mr. Llosa was also an elite Division I track athlete who currently incorporates biohacking to stay competitive in all his endeavors, including a vegan ketogenic diet, hitting levels over 8.0mm (As mentioned in a podcast with Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof, where Frank made a cameo).

Frank has a unique ability to find a path where others have failed. He knew this could be the perfect challenge for his unique skill set. With his extensive Rolodex he turned to his friend, Steve Zarpas, with a background in biochemistry, for assistance with the very extensive list of scholarly papers written by the biochemist about "complicated ketones."

It quickly became apparent to Steve, that this particular ketone-ester was absolutely fantastic.

The first roadblock to bringing the product to market was finding a commercial laboratory able to actually make the Ketone Ester at scale and under $100 a serving. Frank and Steve were warned in advance that multiple commercial laboratories over the last ten years had tried and failed to deliver the Ketone Ester at an acceptable purity level despite his guidance.

Within six months Frank and Steve contacted hundreds of labs to find the perfect partner lab. Working together as a team, they succeeded in making small batches of the purest Ketone Ester ever tested.

KetoneAid is relentless in continuing their R&D. Continuously identifying new techniques to further reduce costs to make a viable consumer product. Significant breakthroughs in production methods and costs reduction techniques have been identified. We launched a successful Indiegogo campaign and hit $150,000 which was 5x our goal. And we shipped on time. See the campaign.

At the same time, the nascent market for exogenous ketones has begun to show signs of what has been predicted to become an all new market segment for ketone products. This new marketplace is currently grossing millions per month using rudimentary technology discarded by scientists fifteen years prior. Their success is nevertheless, a very good sign indicating the potential for the Ketone Ester, and derivatives thereof, becoming the breakout hit the supplement market has been waiting years to see.


KetoneAid Inc, Falls Church, Virginia 22044 USA 1-800-664-1663