Currently KetoneAid can only send our drink to a USA based address.

No options for Spain and Portugal. Thusfar, everything gets mailed back.

Here are some options for elsewhere:

1) Approved resellers (not Ebay)
Australia try
Other countries:, use link or search for KE4

2) Mail Forwarding services

If you don't have a USA address you can use a service like (some have also used one called or, but make sure to pick an East Coast location.
Don't ship it to California, just to ship it to Europe. We are on the East Coast, Washington DC)

Follow these steps.

1) Go to Click Register to create an account. (Email address required).

They will send a confirmation email.

2) Click on the "Verify Email & Login" link, and the website will show you your new USA based address to use when ordering products in the USA.
This part is free.

Full Name: YOUR NAME, YOUR CUSTOMER # (example: John Doe, SN-55555)
Address Line 1: 243 Quigley Blvd, Unit E
City: New Castle
State: Delaware
Zip Code: 19720 

4) Go to and order. Make sure to add your email address and your name. When you are asked for a shipping address, use the USA address that GlobalShopaholics gave you, see above format.

5) We ship to your unique SN# at GlobalShopaholics. You should get two emails.
      a) An email from us telling you the package arrived at GlobalShopaholics
      b) An email from GlobalShopaholics telling you it arrived and is ready to forward.

They will then have you pay their shipping fees (they will give you an estimate beforehand if you want).

6) You receive the product.

Tips when ordering direct on When ordering try not to mix the trainer and the small bottles, they sometimes come from 2 locations and that can slow down shipment to the forwarding service.

Coupon Code: Global has been added to the link to remove KetoneAid's shipping, because you have to pay the mail forwarding service.

Updated Dec 16 2019. Global shopaholics changed their address from 601 Cornell to this new address in Nov 2019.