Comparison of KetoneAid's KE4 Ketone Ester vs KE1

KetoneAid .
KE4 Pro

Per Bottle (Ketones) 30g of Ketones5g of Ketones
Price per gram of ketones
With Subscription
$1.00 ($89 for 3 small bottles, 90 grams, with 5% off subscription)
$0.95 ($285 Trainer bottle, 300g, with 5% off subscription)
$1.20 ($144 for 24 bottles with 10% off subscription)
$0.99 ($715 for BULK 144 bottles with 10% off subscription)
KE1 Costs more at the lower amounts, but almost the same at the volume discounts.
Main Active IngredientD-beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ester D-beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ester,
D Beta Hydroxybutyrate Free Acid
D Beta Hydroxybutyrate Salt
(Sodium, Potassium,
Magnesium, Calcium)
Same rise in Blood Ketone levels.
About 1mm per 5 grams of ketones.
Bioavailable 100% D form100% D form
Dilution 1 KE to 1 H201 KE to 12 H20 6x more diluted
Taste Rough, must dilute
and still harsh.
Ready to drink.
Not hard to drink.
SweetenerOrganic SteviaMonk Fruit.
AdjunctsL-Taurine 0.5g, Potassium 30mgNone.
3rd Party VerifiedYes Yes
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